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Requesting a Letter of Support

MACHC has developed guidelines for the provision of letters of support for grant applications. In order to provide a letter of support, MACHC must review grant applications before writing letters of support to reasonably ascertain if a project is in compliance with 330 Program Expectations and to determine if MACHC has resources to lend support to the project. The following information must be provided to MACHC before a letter of support can be considered:

1. Summary of organizational structure: Provide a description of the primary business activity/product; a brief history of existence; the IRS tax status (e.g. for profit/not for profit structure, date of incorporation, applicable 501(c) status, etc.). The letter of intent submitted to HRSA may suffice if the above named areas are specified. 

2. Current Board Member Characteristics: BPHC Form

3. Need for Assistance Worksheet: BPHC Form

4. Project Description: Provide a clear description of the intended project specifying the intended service area, the target population, the projected number of users, the projected number of uninsured/underinsured to benefit from proposed service, and the management Team.

Once the information has been reviewed and found to exhibit compliance with 330 CHC Program Expectations (allow for ten (10) working days before letter is due) the proposal will be made available to the MACHC membership to insure that the proposal does not infringe on member services. The membership will then make recommendation to the MACHC Executive Director whether or not to write a letter of support. For additional information on these guidelines and Letter of Support requests, contact Junaed Siddiqui, Community Development Analyst, at